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Ask an Expert: Bryan Vandiviere

November 01, 2006 by Axio Staff

Bryan Vandiviere

Horizon Wimba And Live Lecture

Have class time, any time!

Live Web collaboration has come to Axio Learning via Horizon Wimba. Now a class can meet online and have conversations, textually chat and share content — all in real-time. Horizon Wimba utilizes multi-way audio (VoIP) to send voice through the Internet instead of using standard phone lines. All students and instructors need is a headset, a microphone and a solid Internet connection to communicate as if they were face to face. The audio is nearly instantaneous, regardless of location.

“The need for Axio to offer this technology came from the feedback of many instructors. They wanted a way to have virtual offi ce hours and review sessions,” said Bryan Vandiviere, Web Presentation Technology Coordinator. “Horizon Wimba fulfills those needs and much more.”

Instructors can share content such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, HTML, Web pages, images, movie clips, PDF, Flash, CMS pages, and more. Using the whiteboard feature you and your students can “write” on the content slide for more interaction. Other features include text chat room (for those who can’t participate audibly), closed-captioning, restricted audio and chat participation for specific users; interactive polls, quizzes and surveys, ability to dismiss users, screen sharing between instructor and user, and archives.

“The feedback from those using Horizon Wimba is extremely positive. Instructors and students both comment that using Wimba is as close as possible to being in a physical classroom,” said Vandiviere.

Wimba can also meet the needs of students with disabilities. Live and archived classes can be closed-captioned for the hearing impaired while also reaching out to the visually impaired by offering numerous keyboard shortcut keys, hot keys, and compatibility with most screen readers. These accessibility features help institutions meet many state and federal accessibility guidelines.

Fast Facts

The program was created and designed specifically for educational use.

At K-State as of August 2006, 51 classes and 98 faculty members were using Horizon Wimba.

You can participate in Wimba on the Internet or even by cell phone and PDA.

Wimba combines audio, video, text chat, digital content and surveys.

It’s accessible to people with disabilities.