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The Most Effective Ways to Win Singapore Togel

Mark Six or lottery Hong Kong is one of the most popular types of lottery in the world. Many factors make Hong Kong lottery so popular, one of which is a matter of high probability of victory. The Hong Kong lottery uses the 6/49 lottery system. So gamblers only bet 6 numbers and 49 numbers there. So Hong Kong lottery gambling is different from conventional types of lottery like 4D or 2D.

In addition, Hong Kong’s lottery pool is among the largest in the world. So the prize money is very large, reaching billions of rupiah. Not to mention the existence of the jackpot, it is not surprising that there are millions of people who buy tickets to lottery Hong Kong every day. But even though the chances of winning are higher than other types of lottery, you still need a certain strategy. So don’t worry, below we will share some of the most effective Hong Kong lottery winnings!

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Bet Numbers That Have Never Came Out Before

There are times when the numeric scrambling machine issues a Result sgp number that is almost the same as the previous week’s output number. But things are very rare, because often every week the output numbers are always different. So that the victory rate is getting higher, you should focus on a combination of numbers that have never come out before.

For example, last week the output number 3-15-25-37-41-49 came out, so you should bet different combinations of numbers like 7-19-27-38-42. It would be better if you also make the five previous drawings as a representation to analyze which numbers rarely appear. You have a lot of moments where someone wins Hong Kong lottery gambling because he successfully analyzes numbers that have never been released before.


You need to know, when playing Hong Kong lottery, you will not only have the chance to win prizes from the output numbers, but also from the jackpot. Now in Hong Kong lottery, this jackpot is a calculation of lottery money prizes that failed to be obtained by gamblers. For example this week the output number 3-13-25-36-41-49 came out, but none of the gamblers had lottery tickets with the same number. As a result the prize money is put into the jackpot.

This jackpot can have a nominal value greater than a standard lottery prize. Now there are ways you can do to get this Hongkong lottery jackpot. Many lottery experts claim that gamblers must ensure that the total value of the numbers obtained is 115 to 185. If it is less than 115, then the possibility of getting a jackpot is very small. For example if you bet 2-7-15-17-21-42 then the total is 104, so the chances of winning the jackpot are very low.

Use One Number the Previous Week

You need to know, usually one number that appears the previous week, appears again in this week’s drawing. Yes, that’s right, many lottery experts claim that the possibility of a number appearing before is very large. So this can also be a reference for you to bet one number that came out the previous week.

Use Dream Interpretation

If you believe in occult things, then you can use dream interpretation. Lots of online lottery gambling sites that provide information about this dream interpretation. Even though it sounds strange, there are many gamblers who prove that dream interpretation is very effective in guessing Hong Kong lottery numbers.

Now those are some of the most effective ways to win Hong Kong lottery, don’t forget to practice it! May be useful.

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